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Category : Humor

  Rabbi Bob Alper

There’s a reason why Sirius/XM satellite radio plays Rabbi Bob Alper’s bits several times daily, often sandwiched between Bob  . . . more info

  Lewis Black

Known as the king of the rant, Lewis Black has performed for audiences throughout the world, making people laugh at the absurdities of life and covering topics that include current events, social medi . . . more info

  Kelly Carlin

Kelly Carlin is a writer, public speaker, performer and radio host whose work explores “the big questions of life.” Like her father, George Carlin, she loves to use humor to question the s . . . more info

  Loretta LaRoche

Loretta LaRoche has helped people deal with everyday stress for over thirty years. With irreverent humor and an innate sense of the absurd, Loretta helps people see how needlessly complex and stressfu . . . more info

  Rev. Dr. Chris M. Leighton

Rev. Dr. Christopher M. Leighton is an ordained Presbyterian minister who has served as the Executive Director of the Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies since its inception in 1987. In addition . . . more info

  Dr. Norman J. Ornstein

Norman J. Ornstein is a Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. He also serves as an election analyst for CBS News. In addition, Dr. Ornstein writes regularly . . . more info

  Greg Peterson

 . . . more info

  Sophie Scott

Sophie Scott is a Wellcome Trust senior fellow at University College London and deputy director of UCL’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, where she researches voices, speech and laughter.more info

  Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

Born in New York City, Joseph Telushkin comes from a generation of Rabbi's. He was ordained at Yeshiva University. He has since come out with multiple novels on the subject of Judaism, including "Jewi . . . more info

  Frances Weaver

Frances Weaver is a 64-year-old mother of four and grandmother of eight who writes, lectures and travels in a one-woman crusade against loneliness and boredom of aging. She lives in Saratoga Springs,  . . . more info

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