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Category : Family

  Hafsat Abiola

Hafsat Abiola is a human rights and democracy activist from Nigeria. She comes from a family of dedicated Pan-Africanists and courageous fighters for freedom and justice. Her father, M.K.O. Abiola, wo . . . more info

  Diane Ackerman

 . . . more info

  Bill Barker

Bill Barker has portrayed Thomas Jefferson in a variety of venues since his first appearance at Independence Hall in Philadelphia in 1984. He first arrived to Williamsburg in the spring of 1993 to per . . . more info

  Daniel Bergner

Daniel Bergner is a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine and the author of five books of nonfiction, including In the Land of Magic Soldiers and God of the Rodeo, as well as a novel, Mo . . . more info

  Rabbi Ellen Bernstein

Rabbi Ellen Bernstein in 1988 founded Shomrei Adamah, Keepers of the Earth, the first national Jewish environmental organization, after finding her way back to Judaism through her interests in wildern . . . more info

  Diane S. Blum

Diane S. Blum, is Executive Director of Cancer Care, Inc., a non-profit organization which for more than 50 years has provided professional counseling, education, financial assistance, and help with p . . . more info

  Rev. Anthony Campolo

Rev. Anthony Campolo is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Eastern University in St. Davids, PA. He is also the founder of the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education, organizer of scho . . . more info

  June Carbone

June Carbone is the Edward A. Smith/Missouri Chair of Law, the Constitution and Society at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Her recent book (with Naomi Cahn) “Red Families v. Blue Families . . . more info

  Joan Chittister

Chittister is a member of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie and executive director of Benervision: A Resource and Research Center for Contemporary Spirituality. . . . more info

  Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton was elected United States Senator from New York on November 7, 2000. She is the only First Lady ever elected to the United States Senate. Now midway through her six-year term, S . . . more info

  Dr. Isobel Coleman

 . . . more info

  Dr. N. Tom Connally

Dr. Tom Connally has more than 30 years in health care practice and advocacy. He had a private internal medicine practice for over 30 years in the District. For the last four years of his practice, h . . . more info

  Cyrus Copeland

Copeland attended Haverford College and Villanova University, and received his MBA from Cornell. He is a former advertising executive and the editor of two collections: Farewell, Godspeed: The Greates . . . more info

  David Von Drehle

atherine Clinton holds a chair in U.S. history at Queen’s University Belfast. She has taught at Harvard University in the departments of History and of Afro American Studies, and held visiting chair . . . more info

  Marian Wright Edelman

In 1973, Marian Wright Edelman established the Children’s Defense Fund, the most powerful voice ever created for the millions of poor children in the United States. Over the past quarter-century, t . . . more info

  Dr. Farid Esack

Farid Esack is the chair of the Ethics, Religion, and Society Program at Xavier University. A native of South Africa, Esack played an integral role in the United Democratic Front struggle against apar . . . more info

  Dr. James Garbarino

Dr. James Garbarino is Co-Director of the Family Life Development Center and Elizabeth Lee Vincent Professor of Human Development at Cornell University. Prior to his current position, he served as Pre . . . more info

  Adrienne Germain

 . . . more info

  Dr. Edward Hallowell

Bestselling author, Dr. Ned Hallowell offers groundbreaking advice on how to learn the art of forgiveness. In his latest book, Dare to Forgive, published by Health Communications, Inc., Dr. Hallowell  . . . more info

  Dr. James Joseph Heckman

James Heckman is an American Economist. He is well known for his "Heckman correction", for which he won the nobel prize. He is also involved in the field of early childhood economics. . . . more info

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